Hair Loss Women – Top 3 Reasons for Hair Loss and How to prevent it

65A lot of women these days are suffering from hair loss and baldness. Once the hair begins thinning, it is important to find a proper solution for it. By knowing the reasons for hair loss you will be able to prevent it from happening.

Hair loss women can be a serious problem if not treated adequately and on time. Being informed of the cause of hair loss is definitely an effective way to getting the adequate solution for it. Although stress is considered to be one of the main causes of hair loss in women, we have narrowed down the three most common reasons for baldness.

Ø  Medical Reasons – There are medical conditions and disorders that can cause you to go bald. One of these disorders is the polycystic ovarian syndrome. Once you notice that your hair starts thinning in a not normal amount, make sure to visit your doctor in order to make a complete check-up.  If your doctor confirms you are having polycystic ovarian syndrome or other medical disorder it will prescribe proper treatment.

Ø  Genetics – Sometimes, the genetics decide whether or not you are going to get bald. When it comes to genetics it is important to know that both parents’ genetics can be crucial factors in determining whether or not you will be prone to baldness or hair loss. Consult with your doctor and ask for an increased amount of testosterone.

Ø  Hygienic Reasons – Women tend to be over hygienic sometimes which can result in hair loss. Shampooing the hair every single day can lead to thinning hair. Besides over shampooing, using hot water can also lead to thinning hair. It is good and healthy to keep hygiene but make sure to wash your hear 2 times a week.

If you are getting frustrated with your hair loss problem and your thinning hair you can consider buying wigs for women or toupees for women. Not only it can help you look attractive and good looking, but it can help you increase your self-confidence. At least you won’t be stressed out for losing your hair and you can concentrate on finding a proper treatment from preventing your hair from falling.

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Hair Analysis

Are you suffering from Hair Loss?  We have an amazing offer for you.  Come get your scalp and hair professionally analyzed by our professional team.

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Get the following information:

  1. Hair Loss Status
  2. Scalp Status
  3. Hair Density
  4. Keratin of Scalp
  5. Exposure of the scalp’s vessels
  6. Hair Thickness
  7. Hair Pore Status
  8. Get products to help your hair lossanalysis

If you wear a wig or you wear turbans/scarves you can really use this…

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Many people wear wigs and turbans and aren’t happy with the front hairline.  They also have difficulties keeping the wigs and turbans in place.  So now wig and turban wearers say hi to the RL-IBANDS. The front hairline is almost undetectable and no clips needed. Natural and comfortable.  What is awesome about this innovative headband is that it is good for 2 things:

  1. It helps the wigs, scarves and turbans adhere without having to put too many layers, clips or adhesives and they are comfortable.
  2. It allows for a very natural hairline in the front.  It also helps change the look of the wig i.e.: bangs, side bangs, longer in the front (bob or lob).  It also gives a natural look when wearing turbans.

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Wigs and hairpieces

Shanna rl moda wigs perruques perte de cheveuxNever before has the concept of wig and hairpiece wearing been well-received and widespread. The fun and excitement of transforming your look during the simple addition of hair to the head have flourished in today’s fashion community. There are many, in reality, most of the people that do not have a definite conception of differing wig & hairpiece styles. Let’s examine all of them more closely here.

The cap is a base of a wig. It truly is what your human hair can be attached to in purchase to prevent unnecessary activity of the wig. The head of hair of the wig, be this human or synthetic can be placed on the cap in a variety of strategies. Wefting is the most usual add-on method on most shelves. Strings of hair will be doubled in and sewed closely together in extended strands. These are in that case attached by machine or perhaps by hand to the horizontal and vertical lines of the cap. A standard cap is the most affordable and for that reason the most frequent type of wig cap. Machines are being used to sew the curly hair onto the cap. A final lace layer can be positioned at the overhead of the cap. Wigs are predesigned in particular styles. Light bullying or crimping is used so that others cannot find through the cap. This kind of type of cap provides the hair a naturally removed appearance.perruques rallonges cheveux protheses capillaires rl moda (4)

 At present, girls have myriad ways of keeping their looks and style abreast together with the most current trends in fashion. A few of them carry different hairstyles, get different styles of garments, bags, and shoes, while others wear wigs. Since of the ability of hairs to follow the latest trends, women, both equally young and old, move in love with these people and want to acquire various sorts of hairpieces. Some people want to wear wigs to put on the hair color they will want and also the length they will want.

Hairpieces permit persons to have different looks without having to minimize, to color, to perm or to grow their hair long. However, it is not necessarily enough that you purchase whatever wigs you just like or whatever hairpiece that attracts you because certainly not all of them match your face contour, epidermis color and body size. With the multiple parts and options available, it could be stressful and daunting that you can select one. Since this is part of the wardrobe and accessories, that is essential to decide on the right one for you.

Below are tips how to buy the proper hairpiece for you:

  • Carry out not be hasty together with your purchase because hairpieces arrive in several types, styles, and colors. Be sure you consider the facial contour, body condition, and skin color when shopping for your wig. Remember that only some face shape fits based on a models and types of hairpiece because face different forms have corresponding hairpiece and styles where they appear best. Individuals with the oblong face are the luckiest of all because they are going to look best whatever wigs they choose. If you have an extended facial condition, select a hair part which balances your temple with your chin. For those who have a square face, choose a wig that reduces the wide angles and lines.
  • Decide what style performs best for you. You will discover different styles of hairpieces such as mid-length, front side form back, gamin, shaggy, longer back or American curly hair. Before you select one, make sure that your decision complements well with whatever facial condition you have.
  • Since wigs can be found in several colors, select a single which complements well with the skin color you have.
  • Many people are not particular when choosing hairpieces mainly because they only put them on in Halloween and Masquerade functions; thus, they based their very own purchase on the idea or type of their particular costume.
  • Buy the proper size of wigs that fits your head finest. Find the right size by measuring the area of your head. Check below the crest of the skull, top of your neck and headsets over the crown.
  • When buying hairpieces; you can quickly select either the original hair wig and the synthetic pre-styled wigs.
  • Bear in mind that shorter styles happen to be better to maintain compared to the much longer kinds which need cautious maintenance and conditioning.
  • You must also remember that with your purchase of hairpiece, you must also buy the needed associated accessories just like brush, pick, shampoo and conditioner.

How to Choose a Wig Store


One of the most important ways to choose a wig store is the selection and variation available to you.  When you visit a shop, you need to be able to try on, touch and see what is available to you without only being shown catalogues.  Catalogues are good when you need find a model that you like but need a slightly different style or a different color.

Another important factor is if services are offered.  Purchasing a wig or hairpiece and having to go to a hair salon not specialized in wigs can cause you lots of heart aches, the hair doesn’t grow back!

Products are also important especially if you want to care for your wig at home.  Proper 1935849_10153818789308166_7009387876466188088_nteaching and of course specialists that listen to your concerns.





Causes of Hair Loss and the Treatment Available

Hair thinning or hair loss is a common problem that lots of people, men and women, face currently. It is a condition that starts with a continuous thinning of hair through the hair follicles, leading to progressive hair loss. Excessive hair loss, then leads to the appearance of bald patches on the head which can therefore lead to a complete baldness. This condition not only comes about in men but also in women to some extent. Losing your hair can become an emotional and distressing knowledge.  th

Among various reasons for hair loss or shedding hair, heredity factor is the most commonly known cause for it. A person can inherit this condition from their parents or even grandparents. Hair thinning can happen during the treatment for cancer at the same time. The chemotherapy, which is helpful to treat cancer can have a detrimental effect on the hair hair follicles during their growth phase providing a massive hair loss. Childbirth or after pregnancy also can result in hair drop out there. Apart from these, stress and iron deficiency are also important contributing factors in hair loss. There are people who in fact embrace balding and portray it to be a style statement.

Many movie and television celebrities in addition to major political leaders are included in this. Due to their high socioeconomic positioned, they are able to do this. But for many it is not easy to take action. Loss of self-confidence and self-esteem are many of the side effects that they will experience after hair loss or even baldness. In order to cure treatment plans, many treatments are available today which often can prevent the hair from growing thinner or ending it. Besides this, hair transplants or hair weaves are classified as the latest technologies which are getting used to hide baldness. Though there’re quite expensive, their results could be remarkable. A more affordable option is the employment of wigs or a toupee to hide the baldness. They are artificially created hair pieces that are produced from the real or artificial hair. They feel and look like the real thing and come in all shapes and forms. Apart from that, they are also available in multiple colors and are designed to depict various styles. Good quality wigs and toupees are almost impossible to spot on a man or women.

Hair loss can be an essential issue in any persons’ life style. But if it is embraced graciously it could look stylish and can add charm at the same time. There are, various ongoing researches for curing baldness and rejuvenating natural hair regrowth.


Cleaning a Hair System – Tape or Glue

No matter how often or how seldom you use the hair system, one way or another dirt will build up from wearing it or residues accumulated will have to be removed. As a general rule, cleaning the hair system is obligated so that it will retain its look and prolong its life.

These are tips on how to clean a hairpiece or wig that was glued or taped down.

Techniques for proper hair system care that will remove residue build up on the mesh fabric and the polyurethane.

  1. If you use tape or glue, remove the hair piece tape from the polyurethane area of the hair system by using the proper remover.  In the event that you are having difficulty in removing the tape.  Avoid removing abruptly any tape on the lace area for it might damage the hair piece.
  1. Wash your head thoroughly twice after removing the hair piece. Soak the hair system using a plastic or stainless container that can hold the liquid solvent.  Make sure the solvent your use if made to remove all oils and residue of the glue from the hair.  This may vary in time from 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on the adhesive and the hair system. Tip: Tapes on the lace will peel off on its own after soaking 5 to 30 minutes.
  1. Get the hairpiece after soaking and put it on the sink with the lace facing you and scrape off with a soft brush any. Once the residue on the lace and skin are removed, soak it again on the solvent for another 2 to 3 minutes.
  1. With a dish washing liquid, remove any left residue on the system and gently brush the hair starting at the edge down through the hair to remove any excess residue all throughout the base and the hair area of the system. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water until the entire residue has been removed. Repeat the process starting at step 2 if there is still residue left.
  1. With a mild shampoo, we prefer to use Matrix Biolage shampoo,  wash the hair piece again to balance the acid level as well as a conditionner to recondition the hair. The hair piece is now read to style.

Use the proper stand to air dry the hair piece and this will make hair styling and brushing easier once dry.

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Fight Cancer with Beauty!

CanDonate Hair Foundation – Spa Day – A Part of Me

Another amazing event is on it’s way!  We are so excited!  We have the honor to be part of the A Part of Me Spa Day on August 30th, 2015 from 2-7 pm.  We will be cutting hair for hair donations, we will be styling and cutting hair.  We love giving our time to help many amazing foundations that help people with Cancer.  The CanDonate Hair Foundation is dear to our hearts because it touches what we do on a daily basis: Wigs!

So we hope to see you all there!  According to the website, where you need to sign up, http://www.dondesoi.ca, here are the details listed:

The CanDonate Hair Foundation presents the event: A Part of Me: SPA Day! For only $ 45. Why come?

1. Hair: Donate your hair (minimum 8 inches) with haircut and style OR Get your hair styled without a hair donation.

Barber for him!

11709897_875540295867012_1255929531443195066_o2. Makeup: Get your makeup done by a Professional makeup artist

3. Skin Care: Consultation for your skin; Beauty cream application.

4. Manicure

5. Access to Vendors: jewelry, accessories, health / beauty products, extensions, makeup, henna tattoo, and more…

6. Food: Appetizers; Mimosa; desserts; Tea / Coffee.

7. You get to support a GOOD CAUSE!

The CanDonate Hair Foundation collects hair donations and funds to make wigs for people who are going through Cancer.

Buffet Il Gabbianno
1550 Rue Lapierre
Lasalle, H8N 2R2

See you there 🙂