5 Things Wig Wearers Dread

Here are 5 things that shouldn’t happen when wearing a wig.  We have solutions:


  1. Your wig comes off easily?  The best way is to use special wig adhesives or Grip bands.
  2. Does your wig scream wig??  Either get yourself a high quality wig with a lace front or try a iband.
  3. Your hair looks disheveled or messy?  Looks like you just got into a fight?  Using the right care products as well as a good quality wig.
  4. If someone tries touching your wig, you should set boundaries.  However, if your wig is placed properly as explained in #1 and the hair looking properly groomed as explained in #3.
  5. Making sure the wig suits you?  Get a consultation with a professional.  Call us at 514-907-3322 ext. 1


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