Why Would you Choose RL Moda?

I am sure as a consumer you have heard it all…

“best” “top quality” “best prices”

I guess in the retail world we all want to shine.  So I will explain what RL Moda does, who we are and how we can help you.

First of all, we need to discuss the type of client we are targeted for.  We gear towards people who cover their hair for any reason, whether it is medical, physical, emotional, religion and of course recreational.  Everyone has their reasons and we are here to cater to them all.

RL Moda is a wig boutique!  What is a wig boutique? It is more than just a salon or beauty supply store, it is a place where you can walk in, get customized service and then actually get a look that resembles you.  What does that mean? Well you walk in, we help figure out what will best suit you according to your budget, lifestyle and of course style.  Then we cut it, style and do anything else to make it resemble you.  We even offer this service online, not as personalized but we work hard to get the same outcome.  We have many ways of being contacted.

We also offer other solutions, not everyone is looking for a full wig, so we have toppers which are smaller pieces to cover front and/or crown hair loss or thinning.  This will cover what is needed.  We offer as well hair add ons and extensions, and of course our famous hat line that is amazing because we offer something for everyone.  Combined together you can walk in one way and walk out completely different, or maybe not different but like you were before.

Service is important, we believe in quality service, it is one thing that our very famous Russian Non-Processed Hair and Italian hair are unbeatable in quality, we want to make sure that the cut, the fit and everything else comes along.

Huge Selection! (13)

If you cannot come in physically do not worry, visit us at www.rlmoda.com and if you don’t find it online, just ask.  We have hundreds of models in stock!

Hope to service you soon 🙂

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