Hair Loss Women – Top 3 Reasons for Hair Loss and How to prevent it

65A lot of women these days are suffering from hair loss and baldness. Once the hair begins thinning, it is important to find a proper solution for it. By knowing the reasons for hair loss you will be able to prevent it from happening.

Hair loss women can be a serious problem if not treated adequately and on time. Being informed of the cause of hair loss is definitely an effective way to getting the adequate solution for it. Although stress is considered to be one of the main causes of hair loss in women, we have narrowed down the three most common reasons for baldness.

Ø  Medical Reasons – There are medical conditions and disorders that can cause you to go bald. One of these disorders is the polycystic ovarian syndrome. Once you notice that your hair starts thinning in a not normal amount, make sure to visit your doctor in order to make a complete check-up.  If your doctor confirms you are having polycystic ovarian syndrome or other medical disorder it will prescribe proper treatment.

Ø  Genetics – Sometimes, the genetics decide whether or not you are going to get bald. When it comes to genetics it is important to know that both parents’ genetics can be crucial factors in determining whether or not you will be prone to baldness or hair loss. Consult with your doctor and ask for an increased amount of testosterone.

Ø  Hygienic Reasons – Women tend to be over hygienic sometimes which can result in hair loss. Shampooing the hair every single day can lead to thinning hair. Besides over shampooing, using hot water can also lead to thinning hair. It is good and healthy to keep hygiene but make sure to wash your hear 2 times a week.

If you are getting frustrated with your hair loss problem and your thinning hair you can consider buying wigs for women or toupees for women. Not only it can help you look attractive and good looking, but it can help you increase your self-confidence. At least you won’t be stressed out for losing your hair and you can concentrate on finding a proper treatment from preventing your hair from falling.

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