Cleaning a Hair System – Tape or Glue

No matter how often or how seldom you use the hair system, one way or another dirt will build up from wearing it or residues accumulated will have to be removed. As a general rule, cleaning the hair system is obligated so that it will retain its look and prolong its life.

These are tips on how to clean a hairpiece or wig that was glued or taped down.

Techniques for proper hair system care that will remove residue build up on the mesh fabric and the polyurethane.

  1. If you use tape or glue, remove the hair piece tape from the polyurethane area of the hair system by using the proper remover.  In the event that you are having difficulty in removing the tape.  Avoid removing abruptly any tape on the lace area for it might damage the hair piece.
  1. Wash your head thoroughly twice after removing the hair piece. Soak the hair system using a plastic or stainless container that can hold the liquid solvent.  Make sure the solvent your use if made to remove all oils and residue of the glue from the hair.  This may vary in time from 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on the adhesive and the hair system. Tip: Tapes on the lace will peel off on its own after soaking 5 to 30 minutes.
  1. Get the hairpiece after soaking and put it on the sink with the lace facing you and scrape off with a soft brush any. Once the residue on the lace and skin are removed, soak it again on the solvent for another 2 to 3 minutes.
  1. With a dish washing liquid, remove any left residue on the system and gently brush the hair starting at the edge down through the hair to remove any excess residue all throughout the base and the hair area of the system. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water until the entire residue has been removed. Repeat the process starting at step 2 if there is still residue left.
  1. With a mild shampoo, we prefer to use Matrix Biolage shampoo,  wash the hair piece again to balance the acid level as well as a conditionner to recondition the hair. The hair piece is now read to style.

Use the proper stand to air dry the hair piece and this will make hair styling and brushing easier once dry.

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