Reasons to purchase a Wig!

Cancer patients and people who are bald are the only ones who purchase wigs!

Fiction. It is true that women and men who suffer from hairloss (permanent or temporary) will need a wig more as a necessity than a luxury.

However, there are many people who purchase wigs for “fun” or for “convenience”. I shall explain, for example who have women out there who dye their roots every 3 to 4 weeks. It could be because they have grey hair that they are convering, or because they changed their hair color. Paying for dying your roots so frequently is very expensive, (usually over 100$) as well as time consuming. It is also very damaging to the hair. Putting on a wig or a hairpiece can extend the time before you need to re-dye your hair.

A wig is also great for vacations and cruises. A great example is this, you are on the beach enjoying the ocean. Your hair gets wet = disaster, so having a wig would be a quick solution, no hour on blow drying your hair. Put the wig on and have FUN 🙂

I write because I know! Recently I went on a weekend getaway and obviously I couldn’t help but go swimming. In the evening, I literally put on my wig and I was ready to go. No waste of time, no problems, just beautiful hair.

RL Moda Wigs came out with a new selection of wigs that range between 400-700$. They are gorgeous protein heat resistant synthetic with a very natural hairline. It’s a small investment considering the amount we pay at hairdressers.

If you want to see some of the wigs, you can visit us online at www.OrderQuality.com

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