Holiday Hair Ideas

So it’s that time of the year again…  So we are busy shopping for gifts for our family and friends, we are looking for clothes, shoes and accessories for all the parties we are invited to.

What about our hair?  Well there is the conventional I will go get a wash and set at my hairdresser, maybe get my color done.  Yet I do not look that much different.

So here are some ideas from me to you, I hope you enjoy.

Red is in this season.  Plad dresses, vests, jackets and some fantabulous outfits.

If you decide to rock some red this season, how about trying lighter hair colors such as a strawberry blonde.  You can do your own hair, put on a wig (synthetic or human depending on your buget) or simply add RL Moda Hair Extensions in blonde, auburn or red hair extensions and create a two tone hair color. If you want to be festive you can get single RL Moda clip-in extensions with funky colors, they are quite inexpensive and fun to use.

Leave your hair straight and down, you can add some soft layers in the front to frame your face.

If you have short hair and need volume come get a topper hair piece, in literally 30 seconds you will have full gorgeous Hollywood hair to match your amazing outfit!

*Tip: wear a tight fitting dress so that you do not have enough space to go on an eat-a-thon 😉

How about sporting a side dew?  You can do it simply by curling the bottom of your hair, 

twist your hair around each other and use some pins to keep it to the side.  A professional soft

 hairspray will allow you to keep your hair in place without making it stiff and sticky.

How about a pretty dress, great colors this season are black and gold, or black and silver.  Such classic colors blended with amazing designs.  To add icing on the cake, accessories are in!  Oh yes, big earrings, big rings, gorgeous necklaces and stunning bracelets are illuminating stores everywhere.

If you aren’t going to a formal event during the holidays, I wouldn’t suggest dressing too gaudy.  Try going in with a more simple dress.  You can never go wrong with a simple black or blue dress.  Add a pretty wrap to make it original.

Shown in this picture is a full wig.

Ok so maybe you want to go with a more fun look?  A pretty black and white patterned dress is a fun way to go. You can find so many nice dresses in black and white patterns to go with all occasions.  If you decide to go this route, try making your hair BIG.  Oh yes I said it!  Gorgeous volume (add volume with a topper hair piece). Curl it up and show off your gorgeous locks.  (you will thank me 😉

Shown in picture is a topper volumizing hairpiece

If you are not into dressing up and rather rock a more casual or sporty look, do a high pony.  It is in style again.  When I say high ponytail I do not mean “I dream of Genie” type of  high but high enough for it to be fun and cute.  

Don’t do this (Genie ponytail)

Don’t need to slick it back, you can add volume by teasing your hair in the front and on top to give it a bump.

Need I say more? LOL

Don’t do an 80’s bang, that is not what I mean.

Hope you enjoy these tips.

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