I still have hair, but I want to add more and fast!

We all know that wigs are for full hair loss, hairpieces and toupees are for partial hair loss, and hair extenstions are to add volume and length.  What if I told you that all the methods mentionned can be used with partial hair loss.

So yes a full wig is always the first choice for a full hair loss.  It covers from the front hair line to the neck line.  This gives the impression that the person still has hair even though under the wig it is empty.  However, a wig can be used as an accessory as well.

It is simply put a couple of inches behind your natural hair line.  It gives the impression that the wig is actually your hair since we see the hair line is 100% yours.  However, when using an integration method, it is of great import that the hair matches in color, hair density (thickness) and texture.


For hair extensions and  toupees, the same thing applies.  They need to match the hair that is supposed to be integrated.  Always make sure that when you purchase one of the above items that this applies, otherwise you will never be happy with the outcome.  


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