Wigs can be integrated!

Living in Montreal is definately a city that is known for style and fashion, whether its clothing, makeup and of course hair!  So how is it that a wig can be fashionable?Old Jessica

So first of all, a wig can be worn many ways, I should know.  One way is the traditonal way where the wig starts at the hairline and fits the full head.  This option is usually the best option if you do not have any hair, you wear a wig that is a different color then your own hair, or you just do not like your hair style.  This method includes fastening the wig with clips, tape or glue or just placing it on the head without any extra support.


The other option includes integrating the wig with your own hair, it can even be a 1/2 an inch or more of hair in the front and in the back as well.   This option is really natural because you can use your own hair line.  It also gives you the option to pull your hair back or put a ponytail with the wig.  We usually fasten the wig with clips since it would be the safest way to ensure the wig is secure.

To use this option please make sure your hair matches the wig in question and also use a human hair wig to ensure that the hair quality and textures match as much as possible.



If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!



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