Something new? Hair Replacement Systems

One of the most embarrassing periods in a person’s life is having thinning hair which may lead to baldness; thankfully there are hair replacements systems commonly called wigs, toupees or a hairpiece that will cover the thinning hair and save us from embarrassment. If it may seem awkward for some, to others it is a complete and quick solution to their hair loss problem besides it’s a very safe and affordable solution to the problem.

It was ages ago when you can easily pick a person wearing wig among a crowd of people, this was because they look unnatural, heavy and it was somewhat roughly made. As time changes, what used to be called hair piece is now called “ hair system”, so was the construction of hair systems which became natural looking and lighter as if you are not wearing anything. The hair systems are of two types, the stock hair system and the custom hair system.

The stock hair systems are those that are produced in large amount and sold as they are made and found off the shelves.  These are produced with common hair coloring and of different sizes that will suit anybody who wants to wear the hair system. Almost all hair loss sufferers can afford this for they are inexpensive hair loss remedy. The only problem with the stock hair system is it won’t fit all hair shapes because we have unique hair shapes.

The custom hair system on the other hand is made according to the user’s size and shape of the head or the hair loss.  They will get the exact color of your hair as well as the organic graduation of your natural hair in order to achieve a look that is exactly the same as your growing hair that nobody will notice that you are wearing one.

Hair replacement systems are attached by means of glue, clips or tape which is widely used among users for it provides secure attachment and it gives a more natural look. Hair systems once attached using the glue or tape can last up to four weeks. However, for those who want to sleep without wearing anything on their head uses the daily wear bond wherein they can remove it at night.

Hair replacement systems provides different options with the array of sizes and color and it’s for you to decide if you want it custom made or just buy it from the shelf.

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