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RL Moda has been offering solutions for hair loss for 15 years.   Wigs, Toppers and Extensions have been our specialty since we started.  We have increased our product line by offering a very large variety of hats, turbans, beanies, and scarves!  To add to this, we have also added a line of accessories such as specialized bangs and under hat extensions which are great when wigs aren’t an option or just to change looks.

These options are not just for those who lost their hair, we also cater to those who just want a new look, longer hair, accessorize and of course women who use head covering for religious reasons.

If you aren’t able to come to the store to visit, then come to our website and you can order from the comfort of your home and receive your products as quickly as we can ship them out!

You have questions?  Contact us by email wigs@orderquality.com, telephone 514-907-3322 ext. 1 or on our social media channels.

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Human Hair Half Wig Extensions + Our Beanies = Fabulous

What’s going on in the video below!  I am wearing the Hairdo Half Wig Hair Extensions in human hair. Why wear them? well they give the impression that you have hair under the beanies.  You can curl, braid them color them.  They are very comfortable and really are nice.  For more information or to shop for these extensions click here

We carry an array of beanies in store and online.  The beanies are high quality and we have an amazing variety.  Visit here to see what is available.



Stunning hair in no time!

Do you want fuller hair? Longer hair? We have amazing extensions that are easy to put in and take out. They are called clip-in extensions. Our clip-in extensions are made from fine indian remy hair. Change your look in seconds. Since the extensions are 100% human hair you can straighten them and curl them according to your look.

These extensions are 17-21 inches and you can purchase them here.


Girl Gang Beauty School

When you experience hair loss from chemotherapy you may also experience other changes such as skin, weight loss or gain.  This can cause confusion when it comes to your daily styling.

We are here to help, join the Girl Gang Beauty school to get professional tips, tricks and help with your daily care routine.

Call to schedule an appointment, we will be charging a nominal fee of 60$ and you will receive a turban, samples an more.

Call 514-907-3322 ext 1 or text 514-677-9447

We hope to help you soon.


How to Purchase a Synthetic Wig Online

When you want to purchase a synthetic wig online, it could be a challenge.  Here are a few tips on how to purchase the wig online.

First you need to choose a style of wig that you want.  Of course, you probably want to find something that resembled your hair before you needed the wig.  Remember the wig cannot look 100% like your hair, but try to find something similar that can be potentially adjusted to the cut you would like.

Color is a difficult choice sometimes online.  Depending on your screen you can have a different shade then what the wig really looks like.  Don’t be too picky when choosing colors, try to find something that you like even if it isn’t exactly the right color, you can live with.

Your head size is important, because you want to be as close to head measurement as possible. There are usually 6 measurements, but the most important is the circumference.  It will be the measurement that helps you the most in deciding the size of your wig.  Remember that most wigs have adjustments inside that can allow you to tighten or loosen the wig as needed.  Here are approximately the measurements and what they correspond to.  Every company is slightly different but this is good guideline.  20.0-21.0 inches (x-small), 21.0-22.0 inches (small), 22.00-23.00 inches (medium), 23.00-24.00 inches (large), 24.00-25 inches (x-large)

Remember that you can always get the wig adjusted at a specialist or sometimes hairdressers are comfortable doing adjustments to the cut.

To purchase a synthetic wig online go to www.rlmoda.com



Why does your hair smell like that?

GS Pro 0509145459Have you purchased a wig and noticed a horrible smell while washing it?  Does your wig dry out and tangle?   Diagnosis = Animal hair (Yak or Horse)

We have on numerous occasions been asked to work on wigs that come from other brands.  We are asked to wash, style, cut and of course dye the hair.  However, the hair never reacts in the proper fashion.  When washed it tangles together, when you cut it the hair looks extremely stiff, and then when you set it, the hair looks like a literal mop.  I won’t even explain what happens when we attempt to dye or bleach the hair.

What to do?  It is very important when you purchase a wig, especially when it is an expensive wig, that it comes with a guarantee.  If you notices strange smells, strange behavior or just plain tangling then go back to where you purchased your wig and discuss what you are experiencing.  Do not assume that it is animal hair without verifying with a specialist to see if maybe you aren’t treating the wig properly.

Purchasing randomly from China is a big misstep, because many times the wigs sent out will be of lower quality and you have no recourse.  Real manufacturers with good wigs will only sell in bulk to companies.  Make sure when you order online that you order from a reputable company.

If the wig is very cheap and the company says it is natural hair, chances are the hair is mixed or extremely processed.  You may want to ask about these things.  A high quality human hair should start at 700$ and you need to find out from where the hair originates.  Indian hair is no longer considered a high quality hair, since the hair is put into extremely strong acid.  The hair is also hair that comes from hairbrushes to be able to cut down on the costs, in which case the hair should not be considered Remy… Other interesting manufacturing procedures includes stretching out the hair like an elastic to make the hair longer.  This makes the hair extremely fragile and easy to break.

European hair starts off in the 1000 dollar range, so anything less especially in longer hair is most likely Asian with lots of silicone on it.  Unfortunately, most people cannot tell the difference between the hairs, and that is because when the hair is brand new it is covered with a special product to make the hair very soft and sleek.

Ask for references, make sure that people have been using the wig for many months.

If you have any questions about this please ask in the comments below!


Hair Loss Women – Top 3 Reasons for Hair Loss and How to prevent it

65A lot of women these days are suffering from hair loss and baldness. Once the hair begins thinning, it is important to find a proper solution for it. By knowing the reasons for hair loss you will be able to prevent it from happening.

Hair loss women can be a serious problem if not treated adequately and on time. Being informed of the cause of hair loss is definitely an effective way to getting the adequate solution for it. Although stress is considered to be one of the main causes of hair loss in women, we have narrowed down the three most common reasons for baldness.

Ø  Medical Reasons – There are medical conditions and disorders that can cause you to go bald. One of these disorders is the polycystic ovarian syndrome. Once you notice that your hair starts thinning in a not normal amount, make sure to visit your doctor in order to make a complete check-up.  If your doctor confirms you are having polycystic ovarian syndrome or other medical disorder it will prescribe proper treatment.

Ø  Genetics – Sometimes, the genetics decide whether or not you are going to get bald. When it comes to genetics it is important to know that both parents’ genetics can be crucial factors in determining whether or not you will be prone to baldness or hair loss. Consult with your doctor and ask for an increased amount of testosterone.

Ø  Hygienic Reasons – Women tend to be over hygienic sometimes which can result in hair loss. Shampooing the hair every single day can lead to thinning hair. Besides over shampooing, using hot water can also lead to thinning hair. It is good and healthy to keep hygiene but make sure to wash your hear 2 times a week.

If you are getting frustrated with your hair loss problem and your thinning hair you can consider buying wigs for women or toupees for women. Not only it can help you look attractive and good looking, but it can help you increase your self-confidence. At least you won’t be stressed out for losing your hair and you can concentrate on finding a proper treatment from preventing your hair from falling.

At RL Moda Wigs boutique we offer analysis services to see verify the health status of your scalp’s and hair.  Call 514-907-3322 ext. 1 to benefit!


Hair Analysis

Are you suffering from Hair Loss?  We have an amazing offer for you.  Come get your scalp and hair professionally analyzed by our professional team.

Regular price: 150$ for consult and analysis.  Until December 31st 2016 pay only 75$.

Get the following information:

  1. Hair Loss Status
  2. Scalp Status
  3. Hair Density
  4. Keratin of Scalp
  5. Exposure of the scalp’s vessels
  6. Hair Thickness
  7. Hair Pore Status
  8. Get products to help your hair lossanalysis